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Cinnamon – Gourmet à porter


The clothing line designed for the food-service workers of

Chef coats, aprons of different types, server vests, fashionable collars and refined details make these products a perfect and enviable prêt a porter line, which reflects the contemporary vocation to elegance.
All models are available in two different fabrics: cotton and ultra-microfibre. For the traditional natural fabric lovers, each model can be made in classic black cotton, in black damask patterns or in
fabrics with colours on request.

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Ecological and breathable

Ultra-microfiber is a long-life material that helps reduce the impacts of waste on the environment. It does not contain solvents or glues.
It is breathable, and thus permeable to water vapour. This is ensured by the very thin micro-filaments which create very thin micro-canals and facilitate the air flow. The micro-filments also allow a better moisture management: water is absorbed by ultra-microfibre, that dries very fast.

Absorbent and with high cleaning capacity

Thanks to the wide inner surface created by the micro-filaments, ultra-microfibre can absorb liquid accounted for 400% of its weight. It effectively removes dirt, dust, fluids, fats and inks.
Ultra-microfibre is excellent both for the household cleaning and for those industrial environments difficult to treat.
The micro-filaments are up to 100 times thinner than a hair and from 5 to 10 times thinner than other microfibres.
The very thin micro-filaments make ultra-microfibre the most efficient material to catch dirt, dust and other contaminants.

Resistant and isotropic

Ultra-microfibre is very resistant and isotropic. It owns the same features in all directions.
It has good mechanical properties and it does not deform even after an intensive use and many cleaning cycles.
Moreover it is particularly suitable in applications which require particular strength and durability.
Unlike short fibres, the continuous micro-filaments ensure resistance and dimensional stability.

Anti-mite and feather proof. It does not release fibres.

Ultra-microfibre offers a full protection against the allergens of dust mites.
The ability to filter is given by a product which has a firm and compact structure composed of micro-filaments.
The tiny particles of allergens of dust mites are retained by the ultra-microfibre covering, so the contact with allergic individuals is prevented.
No further plastic coverage or chemical treatment is necessary to achieve the result.
Unlike short fibres, the continuous micro-filaments constituting this product are bound together in an unlimited, natural way, without adding glues, so the product is free from filaments on the surface and perfectly smooth. As a consequence ultra-microfibre is excellent for coming in contact with delicate surfaces, performing tasks of protection and being processed into cleaning cloths.

Fast drying

This material dries very quickly thanks to the wide inner surface, which keeps in contact with air.

Washable smudge-free

Ultra-microfibre may be frequently washed, without softener.