box legno 075cl-ambientata

Wood Box


These boxes are inspired to the Seventies according to a careful selection of prints, which give the cases style and strong personality.
Available in four categories, each one is inspired to different subjects (Geometric, Animals, Flowers and Vintage) in order to satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

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Style and craftsmanship customization

The naiveté of design, the original combination of colours and the completely handwork made in Italy are the clear expression of a high-quality product.
Every cover is interchangeable and separately purchasable, so that it is possible to customize each box according to personal taste.

A clever space-saving design solution

Wood and eco-friendly cardboard boxes are detachable, foldable and resealable, so they can optimise space within few centimetres.
These features allow excellent handling, ease of transport and arrangement, and avoid useless waste of space in the shops.